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The Best Swimming Pool Supplies You Need this 2022

So you purchased your own swimming pool, and you’ve been enjoying it for a few days. But now, you notice it’s starting to become a little dirty and a bit murky. Then, you realize that it doesn’t just stop with buying a pool; the truth is you still have to do your part in keeping it clean. Don’t worry, though. I’m here to teach you how to ensure your pool remains in good condition and the swimming pool supplies you’ll need to do so. 

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Other topics you’ll see in this blog post: 

  • Background on Pool Treatment
  • Reasons Why Maintaining Your Pool is Important
  • Swimming Pool Supplies You Need to Maintain Your Pool
  • Swimming Pool Supplies Product Recommendations
The Best Swimming Pool Supplies You Need this 2022 2
Clean luxury swimming pool

While I agree that having a pool is having investment, I can’t deny that it takes a lot of effort to keep it clean. Most first-time pool owners are not aware of the work it takes to treat the water because the assumption is: they can just drain and refill it every time it gets dirty… which is not practical at all.

The time it takes to drain and fill a pool is actually longer than vacuuming, filtering, adding chlorine, and shock. (Not sure what these are? Just keep reading and we’ll get to it later, lol.) Plus, you won’t get to waste any water! 

History of Water Treatment 

What is water treatment and why do you need to learn about it? Well, if you fill your pool with water and leave it for weeks without any swimming pool supplies or treatment, viruses, bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms are gonna make it their home. This is what makes the pool water murky, cloudy, and dare I say, nasty. 

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That’s why if you’re a pool owner, it’s best to know the in and outs when it comes to water treatment. So here’s a little background:

In the 1900s, experts discovered the best swimming pool supplies as a way to sanitize water with chlorine. This method became one of the most used swimming pool supplies treatments up to this day. However, in 1906, France utilized ozone to purify their water to make it drinkable. Eventually, other Europeans and Americans adapted this system and used it to clean public swimming pools. 

A few years later after the discovery of ozone, experts found out that they can use ultraviolet (UV) to kill microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, viruses, and germs that thrive in water. Then, thanks to more scientific advancements, Australia discovered a pool treatment method using saltwater to generate chlorine.

This was then adapted in the US by the 1980s. And in the search for chlorine replacements as swimming pool supplies, the pool industry professionals found out the most advanced sanitation technique so far: direct hydroxyl injection. This method requires minimal chemicals like chlorine but can effectively treat pool water and destroy any bacteria or germs. 

The Best Swimming Pool Supplies You Need this 2022 3
Underwater shot of the swimming pool.

Importance of Maintaining Your Pool

A clean, crystal clear swimming pool is not just pretty to look at. It’s also healthy and doesn’t pose a danger to the skin or the overall health of those using the pool. To put it simply, maintaining your pool is important so it won’t look like a filthy lagoon.

Taking little steps here and there to keep the water sanitized with these swimming pool supplies will actually help you out in the long run. It will extend the pool’s lifespan, making the money you spent buying it totally worth it.

Besides, no one wants to buy an expensive watering hole and then throw it away just because it’s gotten dirty, right? 

Swimming Pool Supplies

Let’s cut to the chase and discuss why you really came in this article for—the swimming pool supplies you need to maintain your pool. You can check them out below. I’ve included product recommendations for each item so you can start shopping for your swimming pool supplies. I hope this helps! 

Cleaning Tools and Swimming Pool Supplies Recommendation

Skimmer and Net

These are some of the most underrated swimming pool supplies because although they’re basic, both of these are very important tools to get leaves, bugs, and other dirt floating around the water. Plus, skimming is pretty easy and it’s actually a calming chore. If you have a pool and you don’t have anything to do, just start skimming it! It keeps the water clean and your mind clear 😉 The net on the other hand can help you get rid of those stubborn objects that won’t float on the surface of the water.

FibroPool Professional 18″ Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer Net
swimming pool supplies

If you want an all-in-one skimmer and net combo as part of your swimming pool supplies, I suggest you try this product. It comes with a lifetime warranty so I say it’s definitely worth the price. Plus, it’s a professional-grade skimmer net so it’s guaranteed high-quality and durability.

Last updated on 20/01/2023 09:46

  • Quality: Professional Grade
  • Manufacturer: Fibro Pool


This could be an algae brush made of stainless steel or just a normal pool scrubbing brush made of nylon. The use of this tool is to help you get the grimy film off the walls, corners, and floor of your pool. If you have a concrete pool built in your backyard, opt for the algae brush. For above the ground or inflatable pools, I suggest going for the nylon pool brush as it’s softer and more delicate. 

Poolmaster swimming pool supplies 18-Inch Aluminum-Back Swimming Pool Algae Brush with Stainless Steel Bristles
swimming pool supplies

I recommend this product in your swimming pool supplies for those of you who have a built-on concrete pool. If you’re struggling to get rid of algae or grimy films off the surfaces of your pool, this is a must-try item for you. The sturdy steel bristles of this brush will allow for the ultimate scrubbing.

Last updated on 20/01/2023 09:46

  • Quality: Premium
  • Manufacturer: Poolmaster
U.S. Pool Supply Professional Heavy Duty 20″ Flexible Floor & Wall Pool Brush with Polished Aluminum EZ Clip Handle
swimming pool supplies

If searching for swimming pool supplies for portable pools, opt for a brush like this one with softer, more flexible bristles that will get the job done without damaging the material of your pool. This item is a wide-body scrubbing brush so you can clean surfaces faster while using less effort.

Last updated on 20/01/2023 09:46

  • Quality: Professional
  • Manufacturer: U.S. Pool Supply


A swimming pool vacuum is something you need as part of your swimming pool supplies if you don’t have the time or patience for skimming and using a net manually. The fastest way to remove the dirt in cleaning the hard-to-reach areas is to use a vacuum.

This tool is especially helpful when you’re done scrubbing the algae off the surfaces. Note: If you’re going to get a vacuum, consider getting a telescoping pole and vacuum hose. 

Hayward Swimming Pool Supplies SP1068 Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head
swimming pool supplies

This vacuum cleaner head is available in three shapes so you can choose one depending on the shape and size of your pool. It also has bristles like a brush below so you’re actually doing two chores at the same time when using this item.

Nothing wrong if your swimming pool supplies saved you a little bit of time and energy, right? Aside from that, this product also has a 360-degree swivel connector to avoid the hose attached from getting tangled.

Last updated on 20/01/2023 09:46

  • Quality: World-class
  • Manufacturer: Hayward
JED Pool Tools 50-560-16 Professional Deluxe Anodized Telescopic Pole
swimming pool supplies

A telescopic pole can help you reach the hard-to-reach corners in your pool, minimizing the chance of you falling into the water when trying to bend. This one can be packed away in storage while taking minimal space. But, the good news is, this item can extend up to eight to 16 feet.

Last updated on 20/01/2023 09:46

  • Quality: Professional
  • Manufacturer: JED Pool Tools

Pool Cover

If you want to make sure your swimming pool doesn’t have any leaves or bugs floating around, consider getting your own pool cover. Although this tool is not exactly a necessity in your swimming pool supplies, it’s nice to protect your pool from any debris when you’re not using it.

A pool cover can be life-saving as well if you live in a country that tends to have rain a lot. Many portable pool brands offer covers that are durable and fit perfectly just by adding a few dollars to your purchase.

Blue Wave BWC564 20-ft x 40-ft Rectangular Leaf Net In Ground Pool Cover
swimming pool supplies
This Blue Wave pool cover is available in a variety of sizes so I’m sure you can find one that fits your swimming pool. This product is made with black mesh fabric so it’s easy to clean when you take it off the pool. The Blu Wave cover also comes with water tube loops to make the attachment is secure to prevent debris from getting into the water. 

Last updated on 20/01/2023 09:46

  • Quality: Heavy-duty
  • Manufacturer: Blue Wave Products

Chemical Maintenance

The Best Swimming Pool Supplies You Need this 2022 4
People swimming in a pool

Water Testing Kit

Water! Testing! Kit! This is the most essential item in your swimming pool supplies you will need and I cannot stress that enough. Why, you ask? Because regularly testing your pool water with these strips will let you know what kind of treatment or chemical it needs.

Having a stock of this gets in handy when you can’t be bothered to visit your local pool store to have your water tested. Water testing strips are easy to use so why not spare a few minutes of your time in using them to help with the upkeep of your pool. 

How it works is you dip the strip into the water, wait for the color to develop, then compare it to the color scale to get a reading. You may also want to check out liquid test kits which are a little bit more complicated if you’re not a pool maintenance professional but it gives more accurate results.

I also would like to point out that you can also get your pool water tested at least once a month in the nearest pool supply store. This is to ensure you’re keeping your pool healthy and safe to use. 

AquaChek Select 7-IN-1 Pool and Spa Test Strips Complete Kit
swimming pool supplies

This complete kit is only AquaChek’s basic kit but it’s already amazing in giving pool chemical values readings. The kit is a 7-in-1 test pack that can be used in pools or in public spas. It comes with a color chart and a comparator so you can get almost a fully accurate result.

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Manufacturer: Hack

Pool Shock

When maintaining a pool, make sure you have pool shock on hand regularly. This chemical keeps the water balanced and clean. An easy way to know if your pool sanitizer (chlorine, UV, ozone, etc) is not working to kill any bacteria and viruses anymore, wait for the “chemical smell” to come around. This is the perfect time to incorporate a calcium hypochlorite pool shock into the water. 

You can do this every week or so to keep your pool in good condition and ready to use every day. Although, if you use your swimming pool most of the time, experts say that it’s best to keep adding shock much more regularly.

DryTec 1-1901-24 Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools
swimming pool supplies

The DryTect Calcium Hypochlorite is a fast-acting and quick-dissolving pool sanitizer that will keep your pool balanced with minimal effort on your part. It is made with 68% calcium hypochlorite and can kill bacteria, germs, viruses… You name it! This product is available in different packs so you can choose one that fits your budget.

Last updated on 20/01/2023 09:46

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Manufacturer: Robelle Industries

Chlorine Tablets and Floater and Swimming Pool Supplies Recommendation

Now that you know how to add shock to your pool to keep the water balanced, it’s time you learn about chlorine tablets that are usually placed in floaters. When the sanitizer value is at the proper level, you can keep it that way by using chlorine tablets. These dissolve into the water slowly which keeps the chlorine level consistent.

Now, this chemical is only supposed to be used depending on how much the pool is being used or how dirty the water is. This is where the water testing kit comes in handy. Be sure to regularly test the water at least two to three times a week if the pool is often used.

The size of the chlorine tablets should also depend on the size of the pool or the volume of the water. It’s best to consult a professional or your local pool supply store to know how many tablets you will need.

POOLIFE 3 Inch Cleaning Tablets
The Best Swimming Pool Supplies You Need this 2022 5

This product is a slow-dissolving and long-lasting chlorine tablet. Getting this item will help you maintain your pool easily with minimal time and effort. The POOLIFE cleaning tablets are so highly rated that its almost always sold out so I hope that tells you how reliable this product is. 

Last updated on 20/01/2023 09:46

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Manufacturer: poolife
Aqua Select Floating Chlorinator for Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pool
The Best Swimming Pool Supplies You Need this 2022 6

Of course, if you have pool tablets, you’ll also need a floater. I recommend this Aqua Select one that can fit the POOLIFE 3-inch tablets I mentioned above. Using this item is really easy. All you have to do open the dispenser, place a tablet inside, and throw it into your pool to let the sanitizer slowly dissolve. A quick fix to treat your pool water! 

Last updated on 20/01/2023 09:46

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Manufacturer: Aqua Select

With great pool comes great responsibility. Just kidding! But really, the bottom line is, getting a pool means you need to spare a portion of your time to learn how to keep it clean. And although I gave you tips and swimming pool supplies recommendations, consider consulting the professionals to maximize the potential of your pool. You’ll thank yourself in the long run and you’ll also be able to enjoy your pool as much as you can.



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Last updated on 20/01/2023 09:46

I hope this article helped you out! Let me know what else you would like me to talk about next in the comments down below. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram as I love talking to my readers. See you there!

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