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The Fastest SUP on Water

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Goosehill Sailor Racing Inflatable Paddle Board: The Fastest SUP on the Water

Goosehill is a major inflatable SUP producer with a diverse product line that includes standard inflatable SUPs and custom paddle boards. It’s a business started by a group of water sports enthusiasts.

They describe themselves as providing a small selection of high-quality boards that are unquestionably worth exploring. This racing board is designed for speed and efficiency. Because of its high-performance design, it’s ideal for more extended missions and adventurous expeditions.

Goosehill Sailor Racing is not only the fastest SUP on the water, but it is also one of the most reliable. It was built to resist some of the harshest circumstances possible. Again, Goosehill Sailor Racing boards were designed by naval architects and have been tested in some of the most challenging waters around the world.

Goosehill sailor raicing Full Package

Most suitable for:

The Goosehill Sailor Racing Ultra-light SUP is the best option for glide and speed. This is an improved version of the regular Sailor Racing board, which is already quick and efficient. The company continued to improve its performance by lowering its weight even more. As a result, the board is far faster, stronger, and, most crucially, lighter than its competitors.

This board is the most lightweight board in the company’s portfolio. It may not be the most acceptable choice for first-time paddlers due to its length and narrowness, but fans will appreciate the degree of performance it can produce. So, overall, if you’re looking for a SUP that can race against the best of them, then Goosehill Sailor Racing is your best bet!


  • It has a great design for racing
  • Durable
  • Very stable
  • 3-year warranty
  • Excellent electric pump that inflates the board in 8 minutes


  • Its weight makes it difficult to transport
  • Very heavy

What Makes Goosehill Sailor Racing Stand out?

The Goosehill Sailor is distinguished from other inflatable paddle boards by several features. To begin with, the board is constructed of high-quality, long-lasting materials.

The design is simple, but the performance is world-class.

This racing board is your best bet if speed and thrill are what you’re looking for in stand-up paddle boarding. A long, narrow hull with a pointed nose provides excellent glide. This vessel’s high-performance shape also helps it slice through the water rapidly, making touring and cruising on it simply in most situations.

Goosehill Sailor Racing
Measuring to my Goosehill Sailor Racing, not even close, huh?

The board is designed for racing, faster and more agile than other inflatable paddleboards. The board comes with a pump and a carrying bag, quickly taking it with you on your next adventure.

The high-performance design ensures top-notch results. It’s one of the most potent inflatable SUP boards on the market. Because of its shape, it is stable. This inflatable paddleboard is designed to mimic the performance of a hardboard while also providing adequate stability to users.

It’s one of the rare inflatable paddle boards in this category that can strike the right mix between speed and strength. The other thing that makes this racing sailor stand out is its durability. It’s made from high-quality materials that are built to last. Additionally, it comes with a 3-year warranty so that you can be confident in its longevity.

Goosehill Sailor Racing Board
Goosehill Sailor Racing Board

Goosehill uses a SCE Second Generation, which is applied to their Rainbow board, Sailor touring, and Racing board.

They have been developing their drop-stitch (SCE) technology and now they have updated their new line of boards with the second generation of our industry-leading SCE technology. Thanks to this technology, the board now has a more robust core with a higher thread density (14000/㎡) to endure higher pressure. Thus, it is stronger, stiffer, and more responsive.

The core is one of the most extraordinary upgrades. Both of their drop-stitch layer and outer structural PVC material have been double-reinforced before they are laminated firmly together in a layer of specialized environmentally-friendly adhesive.

Compared to SCE first generation, coupled with NST sealing, it significantly increases the stiffness of the board, extends service life, and further optimizes its glide performance. On top of this, we have developed an ultra-light inflatable board: stronger, lighter, and faster.

NST: 5CM Strong Seal to Hold the Board Together 

The strong drop-stitch core is covered by a seal that’s 5cm wide, one of the narrowest in the industry, which requires higher craftsmanship. NST helps to form a firmer connection between the two drop-stitch layers, giving the board excellent stiffness and protecting it from deformation.


Goosehill Sailor Racing Board
Goosehill Sailor Racing Board Bungee Cords
Goosehill Sailor Racing Review 1

Primary use

Goosehill Sailor Racing Review 2

Speed on the water
The inflatable paddle board is faster and has a better chance of winning races. This is because the boards are lighter and easier to maneuver. Another reason why the speed on the water of sailor racing inflatable paddle board stands out is because of its durability. Unlike other paddle boards, this one is made with high-quality materials that can withstand rough conditions.

Goosehill Sailor Racing Review 3

The most significant advantage of an inflatable paddle board is its portability. It can be efficiently transported from one place to another, ideal for racing. Moreover, it can be deflated and stored in a small space, making it even more convenient for paddlers.

Goosehill Sailor Racing Review 4

This board is highly stable and will provide you with a fantastic paddling experience. This board will remain level and won’t tip over whether you’re in peaceful or choppy waters.

My own experience

The Stability of the Goosehill Sailor Racing Inflatable Paddle Board is amazing. I have never been on anything that was so stable. It does stand out among other paddleboards. Even in choppy water, the board remained leveled and didn’t tip over.

I noticed the main difference while using the Goosehill Sailor Racing Inflatable Paddle Board was its speed. It’s much faster than other SUPs I’ve used, and it’s also more stable. I was able to paddle for more extended periods without getting tired, and I never felt like I would fall off. The other thing that engraved me was the build quality. It’s very well-made and feels very durable.

Goosehill Sailor Racing
Goosehill Sailor Racing Package Elements

Overall, I’m very impressed with the Goosehill Sailor Racing Inflatable Paddle Board and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality SUP.

I do not think anybody has any trouble transporting these GOOSEHILL SUP Boards to and from the water anywhere their water adventures take them. Additionally, they take a little effort to paddle and paddle forward or maneuver because they are so light.

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Goosehill Sailor Racing Board
Goosehill Sailor Racing Boards
Goosehill Sailor Racing Review 5


  • All essential accessories have been included in the package for you to begin your SUP session.
  • The removable center fin can be carried off for maximum portability when needed.
  • One of the fastest inflatable paddle boards you can get. Designed as a top-tier performance-oriented inflatable SUP to offer excellent glide and speed.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • The soft center handle lets you carry the board with ease and comfort.
  • Front bungee system for storage of your things or belongings. Comes standard with a high performance 3 piece adjustable pure carbon-fiber paddle.
Goosehill Sailor Racing Review 6

The fin is best attached to the board when it is halfway inflated, so it locks in securely. You could remove the fin when in shallow waters to avoid damage.

Goosehill Sailor Racing Review 7

The first thing you’ll notice about the Goosehill Sailor is its sleek design. It looks like a traditional hardboard SUP, but it’s made from durable PVC. The board is also surprisingly light, making it easy to carry around.

Goosehill Sailor Racing Review 8

Inflate / deflate
This paddle board can be inflated up to 18 to 20 PSI since it has a length of 12 ‘6. But even though the board is long, it didn’t take much time for me to inflate it with the Goosehill electric pump that it comes with.

However, I found the pump to be a bit too loud for my liking, so I would recommend one of my favorite electric pumps like the OutdoorMaster Shark II or even the Whale that does not need to be attached to your car because it works on batteries. You can also easily deflate this board through the dainty air valve in the tail of the board.

Goosehill Sailor Racing Review 9

The manufacturers offer a more extended 3-YEAR warranty on their inflatable SUP boards. If the product defects are found, contact them with a description and photos of the defects to request a full refund. On the other hand, some companies or suppliers are proud to offer a 30-day return policy. The items are in their original packaging and unopened. Of course, the customer is responsible for paying for return shipping.

Goosehill Sailor Racing Review 10


The board is designed with several critical features that make it ideal for racing. Firstly, the nose and tail are slightly upturned to provide good tracking and stability in choppy conditions. The deck is also crescent-shaped to give the rider more leverage when paddling hard. Finally, the bottom of the board has a series of channels that help to increase speed and reduce drag. 

These design features create a stable, fast, and easy-to-control paddle board – perfect for racing on open water.

In the Package


The board package comes with a 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle. It is adjustable with a locking mechanism, staying in place after adjustment. When the paddle is dissembled (broken into three pieces), it fits nicely into the backpack.

Goosehill Sailor Racing
Goosehill Sailor Racing Paddle


Goosehill Sailor Racing Pump
Goosehill Sailor Racing Pump Charging

The package comes with an electric pump that inflates the board in about 8 minutes. I really like that Goosehill includes an electric instead of a manual pump because this board is huge and will take at least double the time to inflate otherwise.

Goosehill Sailor Racing Pump
Goosehill Sailor Racing pump

The backpack

Goosehill Sailor Racing backpack
Goosehill Sailor Racing backpack
Goosehill Sailor Racing backpack

The Goosehill backpack has been improved and now has wheels for easy carrying. It also has shoulder straps that make it easy to carry over a distance and adjustable buckles on the sides. The bag can fit everything with the package, including the deflated paddle board, and still have extra room for more stuff. It has no extra compartments.

The Leash

Goosehill Sailor Racing leash
Goosehill Sailor Racing Leash

SUP leash is a safety leash that connects you by your ankle to the paddle board, while the different end is connected to the D-ring at the rear of the board. It helps you get back on the board quicker when you fall off.

Detachable Center Fin

Goosehill Sailor Racing Fin
Goosehill Sailor Racing Fin

A detachable fin is included in the board package. The more extensive center helps with tracking and stability on the water.

Repair kit

The inflatable SUP board package also includes a repair kit that comes in an orange tube-like container. It holds a valve wrench and PVC patches to patch up the board when damaged. The valve wrench is used to tighten the inflation valve as it may come a little loose and starts to leak over time. The repair kit doesn’t contain a white piece. Only black and blue, I would recommend adding a white piece as well.

Goosehill Sailor Racing Repair Kit
Goosehill Sailor Racing Repair Kit

Optional accessories (my must-haves – not included)

Here are two of my favorite accessories for this year. One for safety and one because I like to use my time wisely (like take pictures while my board inflates itself) 😋


Outdoormaster Shark 2
My favorite Electric SUP pump among all. Buy it here and save 35% with code TOM35 today.

Goosehill Sailor Racing Review 11

Restube classic
Because extra safety measures never hurt anyone! Buy it here and save 10% with code SUPWORLD10 today.

Difference between an Inflatable board and a Hard board

Advantages Inflatable board

  • Easy to take on holiday (even on the plane)
  • Easy to store in the winter days
  • Much cheaper
  • Technology has improved greatly over the past 10 years. For this reason, these boards are now almost hard to distinguish from hard boards

Advantages Hardboard

  • More speed, which is important if you are a professional
  • Easier to make sharp turns on the water because the board is thinner
  • No inflation needed, you can get on the water right away

Other reviews of the Goosehill Sailor Racing Online

Goosehill Sailor Racing Full size
Goosehill Sailor Racing Full size

loox.io – Christine: “The fins are very easy to attach, I’m a 5’6″ woman and can easily handle the fully packed carrying bag or the inflated SUP for short distances.”

Amazon.com.au: “The item was delivered promptly, it actually arrived before expected which was a nice surprise. The board looks very well made, only used it once but couldn’t be happier. Once it is inflated to the recommended pressure, you wouldn’t know it was an inflatable board. It is very stable on the water The warranty suggests this board is reliable and long-lasting.”

loox.io – j_maier: “The only issue I have had is the slide that one of the fins goes into has been trouble since day 1. but the custom service is good,they told me how to do and everything is fine now. the boards are amazing!”

amazon.ca: “After going through every single board and review I possibly could I decided on these goosehill sailor boards. First time paddleboarder. And omg these are amazing!!!! Incredibly stable, easy to inflate and deflate. If you are doing what I did and going through reviews, consider yourself done and hit add to cart. You will not be disappointed these are amazing!”

amazon.com: “This was the second Goosehill SUP we have purchased, so no more sharing, we now have one each. So stable, they are quick and easy to use, we are very happy customers, I can not recommend enough, and when I had a question, Vincent from Goosehill was so prompt in his reply, outstanding customer service, and a brilliant product.”

Frequently Asked Questions about the Goosehill Sailor Racing

Goosehill Sailor Racing Board
Goosehill Sailor Racing Board

Is the Goosehill Sailor Racing Paddle Board stable?

The board is well-balanced. It’s constructed of high-density polyethylene and features a thick, broad body ideal for racing or touring.

What are the dimensions of the Goosehill Sailor Racing?

The board is 12′ long and 32″ wide, with a capacity of 275 pounds and a volume of 240 liters.

How do I inflate the board?

To inflate the Goosehill Sailor Racing, you’ll need an air pump. The pressure should be around 15 PSI.

What is the weight limit for the board?

The Goosehill Sailor Racing weight limit is 275 pounds.

Is it okay to leave my inflatable SUP board inflated?

It’s ok to leave your board inflated if you’re not planning on storing it for an extended period. Inflatable SUP boards are made to be left comprehensive and will perform better when they’re correctly inflated. Just check the inflation level before heading out on the water. 

If you plan to use your inflatable SUP board regularly, it is probably okay to leave it inflated most of the time. This will help keep the board’s shape and make it easier to grab and go when you’re ready to paddle. However, if you only use your board occasionally or plan to store it for an extended period, you should deflate it and roll it up for storage. This will help prevent the material from stretching out over time.

Is there a warranty for the Goosehill Sailor Racing?

Yes, there is a 3-year warranty for the board.

What is the weight of the board?

Is the deck pad comfortable?

The deck pad of the Goosehill Sailor Racing is very comfortable.

What are the fins made of?

The fins are made of plastic and are attached to the board with screws.

How do I store the Goosehill Sailor Racing?

The board should be kept in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight. It’s advisable to maintain the board in a climate-controlled environment if you reside in a humid climate.

What is the best way to clean the board?

Fresh water and a soft towel are the finest ways to clean the board. Avoid using abrasives or strong chemicals. You can use a mild soap to get rid of obstinate dirt and grime. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse the board. The deck pad and fins might be damaged if the board is left in full sunshine or heat.

Can I take lessons on the Goosehill Sailor Racing Paddle Board?

Some groups provide personalized courses to people of all skill levels! We can assist you to improve your abilities and methods, whether you’re a novice or an experienced paddler.

Conclusion – Should I buy the Goosehill Sailor Racing?

Goosehill Sailor Racing Board
Goosehill Sailor Racing Board

The Goosehill Sailor Racing SUP sits comfortably within the mid-sized range of all-around recreational paddleboards, which will be finely suited for average-sized paddlers. For a more streamlined ride that will really track well.

The thickness, in conjunction with the Goosehill Sailor Racing SUP quality, is where its rigidity and buoyancy come from, making it excellent for intermediate to advanced riders offering a more enjoyable and stable ride that will sit higher out of the water.

I guarantee that the Goosehill Sailor Racing inflatable board provides you with performance and the versatility that you will need.

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